Titan 2600mah 11.1v Airsoft Battery Stick Deans

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stay in the fight longer with advanced lithium ion power

Over 300 Cycles
This pack can be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of it's original capacity. 
No Memory
Lithium Ion batteries can be charged up from totally empty or nearly full, without damaging the battery.
3 Times the Power
Lithium Ion batteries can store 180-220 Wh/Kg vs NiMh's 70 Wh/Kg.
No Fade
This pack can hold its charge for weeks and still be ready to use.

Charging this Battery
This pack must be charged with a Lithium Battery charger. They should not be charged with a NiMh charger. Pick one up here.

Pack Data
- Discharge Connector: Deans
- Cell type: UR18650NSX
- Configuration: 3 sets in series (3S) of 1 cells (1P) in parallel
- Pack Shape: Stick
- Length: 197mm / 7.76in
- Width: 19mm / 0.75in
- Height: 19mm / 0.75in