7.0Ah 11.1v 120W Endurance

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Reviewed by: Bill
Used with: C1 Chaser, 2212 2000 kv motor.
Very light. Don't know if they need a few cycles, but I am getting decent flight time. Not great. But, I've only flown them twice. I am far from disappointed so far, but I was hoping for better flight times. We'll see. Standby.

80% Better than a LiPo
This endurance pack uses the NCR18650GA cell, which means it can add 80% more flight time vs a LiPo battery, as long as your current LiPo set up can fly 18+ minutes (assumes you replace your LiPo pack with a Titan pack of the same weight). If this pack is discharged faster than 120 watts constant (less than 32 minutes) and is not actively cooled, it will overheat.

LiPo Equivalents
Same weight: 3S 2650mAh / 4S 2200mAh

- Cell count: 6
- Cell type: NCR18650GA
- Configuration: 3 sets in series (3S) of 2 cells (2P) in parallel
- Pack Shape: 3x1x2 "brick tube style"
- Weight: 308g / 10.9oz
- Width: 37.6mm / 1.48in
- Height: 30.1mm / 1.19in
- Length: 133mm / 5.24in

- Discharge Connector: XT60
- Discharge Wire Length (pack to connector end): 100mm / 3.94in
- Balance Connector: 3S JST-XH
- Balance Wire Length (pack to connector end): 30mm / 1.18in

- Voltage Range: 7.5v - 12.6v
- Capacity: 7.0Ah / 77.7Wh

- Use a 3S LiPo setting to charge up to 12.6v
- Charge at 3.5A for maximum energy storage

- Burst: 70A / 10C / 600W (lasts a few seconds)
- Full Throttle: 40A / 6C / 390W (60 seconds full throttle, will get hot unless cooled)
- Constant: 15A / 2C / 120W (32 minutes, maximum constant discharge rate)