7.4V 2600mah Tamiya Stick


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Titan 7.4v 2600mAh Lithium Ion stick with Tamiya Connector.

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Reviewed by: Mike "SANDMAN" Sandoval
Used with: G&G Combat Machine
I've been playing air soft for several years now and have used many types and brands of batteries for my weapons. 11.1 lipos were my choice but many know the troubles that can come along with that such as overheating, dead battery and so on and so on. I first learned of Titan batteries at a milsim event where I was giving a lot of great information and my interest was peeked at the performance of the Titan batteries. A couple of weeks later I was giving an opportunity to test the batteries, I went from using 11.1 to testing a 7.4 and the performance was remarkable! I'm a firm believer in Titan batteries. All of the performance you need with none of the worries.

Q: What is the small white connector for? The second connector is used the charge the battery with a smart charger.

Q: Is the C-Rating high enough? Yes, every gun we've tested so far can use this pack without any problems. We have a 100% money back guarantee too, can return it for free.

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