The solution to electrical nightmares in laser tag operations

Advanced Laser Tag Battery

Starting from $35.00

Stick Packs

Commonly used inside the buffer tube stocks of realistic looking variants.

From $37.00

Brick Packs

Used for smaller devices lacking a buffer tube requiring a different battery location.

From $35.00

High Capacity
Over 5x NiMh

2 Yr Warranty
+ yrs of life more

Size and shape

Keep Chargers
already owned

Started in 2015, Titan brings advanced Lithium Ion packs to Remote Controlled Aircraft, UAVs, Airsoft, and now Laser Tag. Browse our product selection page to find which pack works for your business.


Titan Lithium Ion Packs have over 5 times the capacity of NiMh packs, with our customers getting over 30 hours of use time.


Titan packs will last years, come with a 100% money back guarantee, and a 2 year warranty.
(packs can be expected to last much longer than warranty period)

Keep the

Current NiMh chargers already owned can be used (the battery has a chip that controls the charge to the cells)


Titan packs have chips to control charging and maximize lifespan to protect against short circuit, overheating, and over discharge.


Customized size and shape allows an instant swap out of current NiMh battery and easy install to any equipment.

Made in

 Our headquarters and new product development team is located in Arkansas USA.

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