Titan in Action - Airsoft

*chargers can be found here, however any smart balance lipo or li ion charger will work with all Titan products

Greg "Spartan117GW"

"Titan Power is the next generation of airsoft batteries. Tired of swelling, batteries cooking, or just not having enough juice? One battery has enough power to keep me running all event. If you haven't tried for yourself, you're missing out on an absolute game changer."


David "Asianwithhat"

"One of the most innovative batteries to come out in the last decade for Airsoft! Lithium-Ion batteries have been used in the automotive industry for years and are super reliable compared to Lipos. With that said compared to Lipos you can charge Titan batteries more times than the competition, won’t blow up easily, and will last far longer in the grand scheme of things. Overall very satisfied for what you get!"


Matt "SouthPaww"

Vice President, Titan Power (and avid airsofter)

"More storage, zero safety issues, and the same power. You'll never use a LiPo again. Titan is a gamechanger, and I can say that with confidence because our products are used by NASA and international groups for ground and air technology. Titan has the reputation and the product to back its name, and for that reason it was a no brainer to enter the airsoft market."

Our Dealers

Other than GetTitanPower.com and Amazon, Titan Power also offers airsoft companies the ability to become a dealer. Our current dealers are:

Airsoft Extreme
Ballahack Outdoor
BlackOps Bristol
Leviathan Tactical
Mid Missouri Airsoft
Stampeded Airsoft
Xtreme Airsoft
SOGO Airsoft
CartCon 1 Airsoft
Hard Strike Milsim
Texas Paintball

Our Sponsored players

Titan offers sponsorship to players when the relationship makes sense. Our team of sponsored players brings value to the team by helping with product innovation, community outreach, video reviews, social media mentions, and more, and in return, the players are outfitted with battery packs and chargers, cool swag, and event tickets for games like American Milsim and similar large-scale events.

Our sponsored players are shown above (except that Matt guy). We're currently not accepting sponsorship applications.