10.5Ah 14.8v 240W Endurance

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80% Better than a LiPo
This endurance pack uses the NCR18650GA cell, which means it can add 80% more flight time vs a LiPo battery, as long as your current LiPo set up can fly 18+ minutes (meaning this pack can, for the same weight, fly for 32 minutes vs a LiPo's 18 minutes). If this pack is discharged faster than 240 watts constant (less than 32 minutes) and is not actively cooled, it will overheat.

LiPo Equivalents
Same weight:
- Cell count: 12
- Cell type: NCR18650GA
- Configuration: 4 sets in series (4S) of 3 cell(s) (3P) in parallel
- Pack Shape: Large Brick
- Weight: 608g / 21.4oz
- Width: 57mm / 2.24in
- Height: 65.7mm / 2.59in
- Length: 74mm / 2.91in

- Discharge Connector: XT60
- Discharge Wire Length (pack to connector end): 100mm / 3.94in
- Balance Connector: 4S JST-XH
- Balance Wire Length (pack to connector end): 30mm / 1.18in

- Voltage Range: 10.0v - 16.8v
- Capacity: 10.5Ah / 155.4Wh

- Use a 4S LiPo setting to charge up to 16.8v
- Charge at 5.25A for maximum energy storage

- Burst: 105A / 10C / 1200W (lasts a few seconds)
- Full Throttle: 60A / 6C / 780W (60 seconds full throttle, will get hot unless cooled)
- Constant: 22A / 2C / 240W (32 minutes, maximum constant discharge rate)

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