Commercial UAV

What we offer
Titan works closely with commercial UAV companies to create custom power solutions that enable operators to increase achieved objectives through dramatically improved flight times (our customers see up to 80% increased flight time over Lithium Polymer batteries). Considering that a significant amount of flight time is committed to take off and landing operations, any incremental air time at the objective can dramatically improve productivity.

What we build
We source UN38.3 certified Lithium Ion cells directly from licensed manufacturers and build our packs with high quality processes to ensure an excellent life time. We can create packs in nearly any configuration or capacity and have solutions that allow large packs to be transported aboard aircraft and comply with IATA DGR while maintaining a single point of charge / discharge management. 

Our experience
We work with over a dozen UAV companies throughout the world, successfully adding flight time and performance to their programs. Some examples include:

31.5Ah 22.2v 1,080W+ Pack
Our customer needed a pack to operate a large fixed wing aircraft. We were able to increase their flight time by over 70% and delivered enough for their entire fleet within one month of ordering. 
3.5Ah 22v Dual Connector Packs
This customer needed a large array of cells but needed the ability to transport their pack aboard passenger aircraft in compliance with IATA. Additionally, they wanted the flexibility to add or delete packs from their system without adding complexity. These packs solve both those issues - allowing for <300Wh transport and a single point of charge / discharge.


How to get started
Contact us and we'll get to work right away with your engineering team to evaluate options and produce a solution.